Cosmo: "Wait, when it giggles, good things happen."
Head Pixie: "When it burps, lightning happens."
Wanda: "When it cries, bad things happen."
: "And when it breaks wind?"

Anti-Cosmo: [to Timmy, after freeing him the first time] "You're our hero!! Our big, STUPID hero!"

Timmy: "That's not true, fairies are amazing, and they can totally beat you without Jorgen."
Anti-Cosmo: "Ohhh really, care to put your money where your bucked-tooth mouth is?"
Timmy: "Bring it on!!"
Head Pixie: "Okay, if the fairies win like you say, we'll do anything you want."
Timmy: "Sounds fair."
Anti-Cosmo: "But if the anti-fairies win, you accompany me back to Anti-Fairy World and will be my evil godchild FOREVER!!"
Timmy: "Come again?"

Anti-Cosmo: "Hello, future evil godchild. Look! I've already picked you out some evil shorts for when we go to ball games, go fishing and TAKE OVER THE UNIVERSE!!"

Anti-Cosmo: [sobbing] "And if you were my godchild, I'd let you wear long pants."

Cosmo: "If I don't make it, stay away from my wife!!"
Anti-Cosmo: "And If I DO make it, take mine!!"

Anti-Cosmo: "Oh, Anti-Wanda, I do love you so much, but you are such a twit!"
Wanda: "I feel your pain."

Anti-Cosmo: "You're going to have an anti-baby!"
Anti-Wanda: "I'm so happy! I could explode!"

Jorgen: [after catching Anti-Cosmo] "Aha! It is Anti-Cosmo in a clever giant cupcake disguise."
Anti-Cosmo: "Cupcake? Ignoramus! I'm a giant frosted scone!"

Anti-Cosmo: (to anti-fairies) "Come on people, think! Universal domination is not just going to come bursting through that door!"

Anti-Cosmo: "Read my speeches! OR DIE!"

Anti-Cosmo: "Yay! I'm cheating, I'm cheating!"

Anti-Cosmo (in Cosmo's voice): "Bye, Timmy. Bye, Wanda!"

Anti-Cosmo: "I'm the anti-fairy Cosmo. I’m not an idiot in any manner whatsoever!"

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