Season 1Edit

Hack KattackEdit

While Coop and Dennis are Playing Basketball. Phoebe appears and catches the ball, Dennis then runs away.

Season 2Edit

Cheeks of EvilEdit

When Dennis and Coop are dressed up as Grass skirt girls wearing wigs, Phoebe is one the people laughing Them.

The Three AarghsEdit

When Dennis Imagines about riding the Solar Bike. Phoebe is seen Falling over in love as he passes by her and two other girls.

Kat to the Future Part 2Edit

When Phoebe thinks that Coop wants to date her, Phoebe tells him she is in a relationship with Dennis. Dennis teams up with Phoebe and Burt to destroy, the kat nebulans.

Never Cry SheepEdit

When Coop disguises himself as a Mysterious Shepherd, Coop tells Phoebe to Pick Dennis disguised as a sheep, Phoebe then says that he looks scrawny.

Birthday BashedEdit

When Phoebe does the Phoebe-eye Dennis is scared and shields his eyes with a trophy. When Phoebe fakes an injury she aks someone to help, however, she gets Dennis' attention, Phoebe than says "Someone named Coop." At the end episode when Phoebe uses the Phoebe-eye again Dennis does the same thing shields it with his eyes, Phoebe sees the Phoebe-eye on the trophy causing her to run.

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