Season 1 Edit

  1. Do Not Fort Sake Me (non-speaking role)
  2. Cookie D'Uh
  3. Nip/Duck (non-speaking role)
  4. Class Act 
  5. You'll Be Show Sorry
  6. House of Scream
  7. Curse of Tutankitty's Tomb 
  8. Don't Give Me No Static 
  9. Storm Drained
  10. Crouching Cooper Hidden Kat
  11. Tom-Kat Foolery
  12. The Kitty Vanishes
  13. Capture the Kat
  14. Kat Whisperer
  15. Trick or Threat
  16. Hack Kattack
  17. Kid Vs Kat Vs Christmas Part 2

Season 2 Edit

  1. Flea Brains 
  2. Cheeks of Evil (cameo)
  3. Nuff' Said
  4. Rymes With Coop
  5. Bringin' the Heat
  6. The Three Aarghs (non-speaking cameo)
  7. Kat to the Future Part 1 (cameo)
  8. Kat to the Future Part 2
  9. Swap Wrecked
  10. Never Cry Sheep
  11. Birthday Bashed
  12. The Treasure of Sierra Munson
  13. Drive-In Me Crazy
  14.  Amazing Feet of Strength
  15. You Scream, I Scream

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